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Through this intensive course Michelle will teach you how to develop, fund and distribute an independent feature film.




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Kinjal is passionate about education and technology and completed her graduation in German from the University of Mumbai. She considers herself to be multipotentialite with variable interests and passions and is currently pursuing her second degree online in Computer Science.
Kinjal Hart
Eddie completed his first ever MOOC when he was just 11. Since then, his love for online courses has never been stronger. He is a firm believer in the self-pursuit of knowledge, and freely-accessible, high-quality education has only made it a lot easier. He is currently studying Computer Science as his degree, and is now working for Class Central as a content writer documenting the best courses out there on the web.
Eddie Johnson
Jonathan has been passionate about online learning since 2013, when he first wrote about free online courses in his blog (in Portuguese). He worked as an ESL instructor teaching online for three years until joining Class Central in 2021 as Cohort coordinator. In 2022 he also started writing for the Class Central's Report.
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Mike's entire higher education has been online. He completed his online bachelor's degree with the Open University. And he is now studying toward an online master's degree in computer science with Georgia Tech, specializing in machine learning. In his free time, he enjoys taking online courses on a wide variety of subjects and writing about education, technology, and their intersection.
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