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Megatron CO. is a versatile, premium online filmmaking platform that unlocks a whole new realm of educational possibilities for creatives. We teach you what you don’t learn in film school and blend that with on-set Hollywood training into one unique educational experience for both professionals and aspiring visual creatives.

Megatron CO. offers two membership tiers: Annual All Access and Monthly All Access.
All Access includes unlimited access to all of our regularly updated courses and lessons as well as entry to our Private Facebook Group for Global Referrals + Collaboration, access to downloadable resources, and our Career Paths feature that includes Cinematography, Directing, Lighting, G&E, Camera Assisting, Post-Production, Producing, and more!
Both memberships include nearly the same features and content and only differ with access to live masterclasses. Live masterclass events are included as part of annual All Access while monthly All Access receives a special discount for each.
Annual and monthly All Access memberships also differ by mode of payment. An annual All Access membership is the best value paid one time per year. The monthly All Access membership consists of a recurring monthly payment.

Yes. Our website adapts to phone and tablet browsers so you can watch our content anywhere!

Please contact Customer Service by sending an email to customercare@megatron.com or by phone at 747-999-5321.